VAT Refund » Term & Conditions


Main terms & conditions of VAT refund are the following:

  • The buyer must be not an EU citizen
  • The minimum purchase amount of 55 Euro
  • Purchased goods are intended for personal and family use, exported within 3 months from the last date of mounth in which it was purchased. for.ex. [2013.01.03 - 2013.04.01]
  • "LITOFOLIJA TAX FREE form" is valid in the presence of EU customs seal
  • You will be refunded after charging all administration fees
  • If you make purchases in stores which will be specified with logo "LITOFOLIJA TAX FREE SHOPPING", ask the seller to write you "LITOFOLIJA TAX FREE form", get the signature of the seller/staff and enclose original sales receipts
  • Goods purchased online are not suitable for VAT refund process


Refunding conditions ( cash / bank account / postal transfer etc., )


When leaving the EU - present your TAX FREE form with enclosed original sales receipts, passport/ID and Your purchased goods at the customs desk and ask the customs officer to apply a customs seal. If you also travel to different country within the EU, customs seal must be necessary applied at final point of depart from the EU. Make sure that the receipt is attached to "TAX FREE FORM".
You need to present this form to the nearest VAT refund desk of LITOFOLIJA TAX FREE ( full list at "Refund desks" )


  • If You wish to get a VAT refund to the bank account:

1. If you have bank account an Lithuanian bank, fill TAX FREE FORM and provide bank account number and Your email and phone (Skype)


2. If the bank account is opened not in the one of the banks of any EU country, specify all the details of Your account and bank details, Yor email and phone number (Skype) and fill them in TAX FREE FORM, send by email or attach to receip You will send by registered mail

International bank transfers charges additional administrative fees


  • If You wish to get a VAT refund by postal service ( money order )

1. Using the prepaid envelope within Lithuania, send the form LITOFOLIJA TAX FREE by mail - drop it to any yellow postal box ( Lietuvos Pastas ).
If you are sending TAX FREE FORM from abroad, use a registered mail. Transfer amount will be charged with administrative fee - 4 Eur. Be sure to include Your email and phone number ( Skype )


2. Payment will be made in local currency in term up to 1 month from the date of receiving Your mail. If you have not received a refund within 2 months after the departure we recommend You to contact. It may indicate problems with refund.


  • If You wish to receive a VAT refund by MoneyGram / Western Union

1. Indicate in TAX FREE FORM or send by email Your name, surname, country of residence and Your email adress to receive TRACKING NUMBER


  • If You wish to receive a VAT refund on Your credit card ( VISA/MasterCard )

1. Indicate Yor credit card number and Your email and phone ( Skype ) for further contact


  • If You wish to receive a VAT refund on Your credit card ( different from VISA/MasterCard )

1. under construction


  • If You wish to receive a VAT refund on Your account opened in one of online transfer/payment systems ( Payza / PayPal / Scrill etc., )

1. Provide Your ID used for identification ( email, purse number, ID number, account number etc., ), and Your email for correspondence ( full list of sites at "Transfer Methods" ) 


  • If You wish to receive a VAT refund in digital currency ( WebMoney, Bitcoin etc.,)

1. Provide purse number, account number and other information used for transfers in specified digital currency ( full list of sites at "Transfer Methods" )