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3. Brief information about LITOFOLIJA TAX FREE:


Since 2014 company LITOFOLIJA TAX FREE provides services of VAT refunding for non-residents of the European Union for the purchases committed on the territory of Lithuania. Headquartered LITOFOLIJA TAX FREE in Lithuania ( Vilnius, Kauno str. 36-220 ). Company LITOFOLIJA TAX FREE cooperating with retailers from different sectors in Lithuania.


4. Banks that implement the VAT refund based on the forms (checks) of "TAX FREE FORM" issued by "LITOFOLIJA TAX FREE" ( full list and addresses at "Refund desks")


Republic of Belarus

ОАО "Технобанк" - 3 refund offices

( full list at "Refund desks" )

Republic of Lithuania

UAB "Medicinos Bankas" - 3 refund offices

( full list at "Refund desks" )


Currexprime-  EXCHANGE LT -
( full list at "Refund desks" ) - 10 refund offices


5. Algorithm of refunding ( full method at "Terms & Conditions" )




LITOFOLIJA TAX FREE FORM must be filled wery precisely and with capital letters only

Custom officer`s seal must be present ( no seal - no refunding ) and but be visible clearly


Required data:

  • First Name / Last Name
  • Permanent residence address ( not registration address )
  • Country of residence
  • Passport/ID number and series
  • E-mail address, phone / Skype
  • Details for VAT refund (depending on the method of way receiving Your refund - bank account / CC number  / PayPal or Scrill ID etc.,)